Working with NVLD, by Laura

By November 21, 2022 November 22nd, 2022 NVLD Bloggers

I am 36 and was diagnosed with NVLD at 11. I have just recently retrained as a French and Spanish teacher, having worked previously for the UN and the private sector. I find working within a structure of a school (fixed timetable, holidays) best supports my NVLD and having a mentor to check in with too. After all these years I am still coming to terms with having NVLD and getting the support I need within a working context.

After being diagnosed with NVLD since the age of 11, I continued to strive to make an impact by working for the UN, abroad in West Africa for NGO’s and logistical and supply chain companies.

Coming to the understanding and acceptance at 35 years of age, that openly talking about having NVLD and having coaching in my day to day teaching work, is a big step forward. I look forward to the learnings and successes ahead.


I enjoy playing tennis, reading, cooking, gardening and hiking. Love travelling to French and Spanish speaking countries and experiencing different cultures.

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