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Raising Gifted and NVLD Children Effectively, by Eileen

By NVLD Bloggers

One of the things I am the most proud of was being raised in a family that never lowered expectations for me and always gave me the same opportunities as my sister. Although my sister was a much stronger student, and as a result had more opportunities, we shared many similar experiences which allowed me to have a “never give up” attitude, as I wanted to follow her lead. This led to greater success for me than many people believed was possible. Read More

Disparity, by Nyx

By NVLD Bloggers

Hey all,
I’m Nyx. They’ve known I’ve had learning disabilities since I was 4, but I wasn’t diagnosed with NVLD until I was 16. My disparity is 99th percentile on my left, and 18th percentile on my right, which makes my disability presentation both severe and very rare, according to my psychologist, only 0.02% of people on the planet have a brain with that degree of difference. Life is… interesting. Read More

An Open Letter to My Cross Country Coach, by Eileen

By NVLD Bloggers

More than ever during these crazy times, I have realized how lucky I was to run for you. Since I think daily about how often you looked out for me and how you have also been such great support to my parents too. So many with an NVLD, or similar disabilities, lack this type of relationship in their lives, which helps me appreciate ours even more. Read More

The Importance of Keeping an Individualized Approach to Disabilities, by Michelle

By NVLD Bloggers

One of the most important considerations in working with people with disabilities is to give an individualized approach to the person. I had an Individualized Education Plan in my public school years and an Individualized Service Plan beginning in college. I am grateful for the accommodations and specialty instruction that enabled me to be successful in school. I often felt that the services, especially as I grew, were generalized and not customized to what I needed.
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