Mother of Daughter with NLVD, By Tammy

By June 7, 2024 NVLD Bloggers

I thought our journey started in 2016 when my daughter was diagnosed with her initial diagnosis. Still, after receiving her third diagnosis of “non-verbal learning disability” in 2020 and doing some research, I realized that our journey with nonverbal learning disability with Kiana had begun when she was just an infant.

I also learned that all of my instincts had been accurate. The pieces now made sense and put reasons to certain behaviors and challenges. Years later, we face new challenges. I grow increasingly worried as we enter adolescence and high school next year. We face so many new challenges.  Socially is the one that hit Kiana the most this year.  Rejection and feeling that she didn’t fit in with her peers made her frustrated and sad.  She was bullied and compared to others her age. These challenges affect Kiana daily and they also affect our entire household.  I do not know how to help her most days. I do know how to make things more accessible for her and support her socially. I also do not know how to help her comprehend certain things, guide her, and prepare her for the future. Sending her to high school in the fall feels terrifying. I worry for my daughter. I am beyond happy to have found this group.


My name is Tammy. My daughter Kiana who is 13 was diagnosed with nonverbal learning disability. She also has another diagnosis. I am looking to further grow my knowledge on this disability to better support my daughter in the upcoming challenges she may face. As the peers around her grow up it becomes more and more evident of her difficulties and she senses more and more how hard this all is and as time passes she feels more angry, frustrated, and confused. She feels more and more lonely and rejected by those around her.  She wants so desperately yo connect with them and follow their conversations and be apart of their world but struggles tremendously to do so. Kiana was extremely bullied this year. The most difficult moments are times where she must interact with others her age in a non-structured time. I’m hoping that I can learn things that can help her in the future and support her in the upcoming changes she will soon face as she enters high school. I too have begun to feel alone as even teachers do not seem to have much knowledge of this diagnosis.