This Is It!, by Tina

By March 29, 2022 Parents Blogs

Just came across NVLD in a news feed. Never heard if it before despite spending 20 years with various paediatricians, psychologists and therapists. NVLD exactly describes my daughters problems.
Since an initial diagnosis of autism at age four which didn’t feel right, then DSMIV diagnosis of PDD-NOS and low IQ at age 11, then Autism and low IQ at age 17 using Stanford- Binet, which I requested over DSM because it paid more attention to spatial skills but still didn’t seem to capture the essence of the problem, I see this NVLD description, and it’s exactly on the spot. If these features had been described when my child was initially assessed at age 4, we would have been right on track for therapy rather than muddling through with odds and ends of OT, speech therapy, maths tutoring, etc. Only this year, at age 24, have we struck upon a developmental optometrist, which seems to be helping so far. For 20 years, I’ve been saying that spatial skills are one of the main issues, yet no attention has been paid to this by professionals. If the education department had recognized NVLD, my daughter might have had more help and definitely more understanding from staff rather than the dismissive attitude and resultant humiliation which prevailed. NVLD diagnosis would have pointed both us and all professionals in the right direction.


Exasperated mother of a beautiful, gentle, 24 year old female with what I will say is definitely NVLD rather than other diagnoses. She has a wicked sense of humour and tries so hard every day.  She had an excellent vocabulary from an early age. At approximately age 3, she started stuttering and then progress seemed to stumble.

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