NVLD Update, by Ryan

By July 6, 2023 NVLD Bloggers

I am just updating you that I am still a teaching assistant at The Learning Center. Recently, over the last month, I have gotten into pickleball. I love watching it and playing it. I play at the Palm Beach Tennis Center and Lilac Park. I was initially scared to go to Lilac Park because I didn’t know how people would accept me. I am proud of myself for finally going and I am establishing some friends over there. Socially, I am trying new health and wellness events out and continuing to go to Jewish events posted by different people too. I have not dated. My new focus is just to go to events to have a good time and learn and meet new people. I still like living in Florida. Although I do miss my friends in Pa. I am very thankful to have my family’s support and help.

I would love to contact my email address is rhlundy85@gmail.com or you can contact me on LinkedIn at Ryan Lundy


My name is Ryan Lundy. I am passionate about helping people with disabilities get their stories out there and advocate for NVLD too. I enjoy working out, eating healthy, and going to the gym.

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