By January 4, 2022 January 5th, 2022 Parents Blogs

I emphasize NVLD in the title because I want to make this dx stand out and be recognized. Buried behind the more mainstreamed Special Education services criteria or diagnoses like Autism and Social communication Disorders, or ADHD I am not sure if these 4 letters have sunk into the conscience of enough educators and clinicians so here I am, “again” NVLD, NVLD, NVLD do you hear me, do you see me, can you help me? I feel like those are all of the things my son with this Dx would like to know.

NVLD, is a thing and people with this dx deserve to be understood and supported. If you are a Dr., educator, or parent of a child with this dx we need to get on the same page with this, namely a page in the DSMV manual so that this dx has clear best practices for support.

Thanks to all who tirelessly advocate, read, and inform those who care to make a positive difference in the lives of NVLD affected individuals and families!

Thanks for reading!


A mother of an NVLD dx amazing person!!