My 12-Year-Old, by Elizabeth

By October 30, 2018 November 12th, 2019 Parents Blogs

My smart, funny and witty started to show behavioral problems when he was young. It wasn’t until just after his 12th birthday that things finally surfaced. He had a psych evaluation to rule out autism-where I learned he had NLVD. Only that was where they left me. No mention of academic testing to learn his core deficits; I only knew he has NLVD. A teacher I stumbled upon when looking at homeschooling has sent me articles and links, including to your page.


I am a single mom living in WV. My son has always been social, smart, funny and witty. I grew up in WV and left several times throughout the years. After having my son in Atlanta, I brought him back to WV so he could grow up around my mother.

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