Miracles Still Happen, by Evelyn

By March 17, 2021 Parents Blogs

My little one was diagnosed a few years ago. How unfair? I thought since she was born DWM too. Now mental challenges along with physical challenges. I remain optimistic! She is AMAZING! She challenges me to be a better mother every single day!! I’m homeschooling and I know I would never want her in a regular school environment! She is very bright and competitive. I wish I could find a place for her to SHINE! Until then, I pray that I could be a mother worthy of such a wonderful human being!! She will soon be 9. If anyone has tips for me to help her succeed please let me know.


I’m  happily married to my high school sweetheart. I’m a mother of six amazing women! MY FAITH is a gift and has helped me stay strong and optimistic in tribulations! If I could ever be an advocate for these amazing human beings with NVLD I will do so zealously!

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