A Letter to My Younger Self: NVLD Advice for Kids with NVLD, by Myk

By November 23, 2022 NVLD Bloggers

Looking back, I remember the difficulty I had making and keeping friends. I remember the challenges I had in various social situations as well. Despite all of the quirks, I spent so much time trying desperately to change myself in one way or another. I would change the way I was dressed to blend in with various social groups, however my social skills (or lack there of) would give me away and they would soon discover that I was not who I was trying to be.

It took me a long time to learn how to be comfortable in my own skin. If I could go back and offer a younger version of myself any form of advice, I would suggest that I be true to myself. However not only that but to fully celebrate my unique qualities. I learned after quite some time that the individuals that really matter will accept you for who you are. While there may be some challenges here and there in various social environments, the truest friends will accept you for who you are. I would also suggest to embrace your imagination. Growing up I always had a very vibrant imagination, this was a great skill of mine and I would encourage my creative endeavors. Since I clearly can’t go back in time, I offer the aforementioned advice to the younger generation who may be suffering from social issues as well. Along with that advice, I would also let anyone younger know not to take the negative words personally from their peers. I do agree that the names might hurt, but spend time with those who understand you instead.

Life can be hard but great things are bound to happen for those who are patient.


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