Frustration with Lack of Resources, by Dan and Rebecca

By January 16, 2019 Parents Blogs

I have to begin our story with the fact that I am a retired principal from a very progressive school. My wife is a Special Education teacher.  Together, we have spent the past 30 years helping students with a variety of abilities to learn, encouraging them, helping them to grow, developing parent understanding and creating a positive environment for them to experience failure and to succeed. We have raised two sons that are on their way to successful lives.

Our youngest child is our daughter. During her 2nd grade year, she was diagnosed with NVLD. Since our state does not recognize NVLD as a learning disorder and other specific reasons, we have chosen the route of a 504 Plan.

We have immersed her in after-school activities and fortunately, she has developed a love and ability for Musical Theater and voice. Her bright spot in the day. Success that she desperately needs.

Social situations are a struggle and at times are getting better, but bring undue stress for the entire family.

School work is still a struggle. School all day and school all night to stay ahead and make sure she understands the concepts and can find some form of success. Let me remind you that my wife and I are both educators. I am steeped in curriculum, ideas, technology and all that comes with a progressive school. WHERE ARE THE RESOURCES. We struggle with finding interventions that really help.

I am hoping with this blog entry we can find resources and help we desperately need as we end our 8th grade year and transition into high school.


Retired Principal from Lone Oak Elementary School, Paducah KY.  Parent of 3 children married to a special educator and have a daughter age 14 diagnosed with NVLD at age 8.

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