My Brother Who I Love!, by Michelle

By October 11, 2018 November 12th, 2019 NVLD Bloggers

I am five years older than my brother, John Paul.  Although we all love him, we always knew he was different. Fortunately, my mom’s background is as a teacher, and great mother, of five. In addition, although we are/were a pretty much blue collar family – we grew up in a town with a fantastic school system that benefited us all.

Anyway, all these years later – and my brother, who turns 49 tomorrow – we finally know that he is a person with non-verbal learning disorder. He is extremely bright… he has a university education but is frustrated because he dreams of other jobs that he’d like to have. He’s a great person and has all of the symptoms (always has) that are described. We love him just the way he is! I wish and hope more people come to appreciate the great things that people with this “diverse ability” have to offer…. as they say where I work. Thank you – Michelle


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