Why are we ignored?, by David

By October 24, 2018 November 12th, 2019 NVLD Bloggers

I was diagnosed in my fifties, but not with NLD, with a cognitive disorder, NOS. The neuropsychiatrist who tested me said he knew immediately that I had NLD, but since NLD is not recognized by the APA, it was categorized as a cognitive disorder. So why isn’t NLD recognized? If this disability, and that is what is NLD is, a disability, has specific symptoms and traits that definitely identify those of us who have it, why isn’t it recognized by the APA? I had a nervous breakdown in the fourth grade because of NLD. Too smart in reading and grammar, too stupid in math, and my parents and teachers concluded I had a character flaw. Decades of failure. Failure in school, in jobs, in relationships. The failure is very real, as are the symptoms. But according to the APA, NLD isn’t a real thing? Expletive deleted, APA.


Late fifties, never completed college because of the math deficits. Numerous job failures and relationship challenges that persist to this day. I don’t feel like a real grownup because of the limitations NLD impose on growth and potential. I feel like the smartest dumbass you’ll ever meet.

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