What Needs to Change in Society, by Nathan

By June 16, 2023 July 5th, 2023 NVLD Bloggers

If people want to see more successful teenagers who graduate and get a diploma, there need to be a lot of changes to the system.

School boards need to do a better job of providing mental health support to students and staff. On top of that, school boards also need to provide higher pay for all staff members no matter what position. They also need to provide better support for struggling, failing, and even passing students. School boards still struggle to do one of their most important jobs, providing the ability for all students to pass. There need to be more curriculum-based resources for all subjects so students can be the most successful. As well, school boards should fulfill their responsibility to provide funding for school-related programs to help engage their learning. Like sports-related programs and different field trips.

They also have to keep teachers informed on all the different disabilities out there and how to support those students. There needs to be more funding for safe schools because many schools out there are not safe from bullying, discrimination, or anyone outside of the school. Additionally, by creating safe schools, you are making schools inclusive and fair, rather than discriminating against others.

Communities also have a responsibility to advocate for the right support for children as well as help them continue their learning outside of school. Another way people can help is by researching support for neurodivergent people or donating to direct causes that help research. Governments should fund programs to help people like me. Communities should also provide opportunities for neurodivergent students to learn and grow in their abilities. For example, more open jobs for neurodivergent people, more support networks, and more professionals, like tutors, who have experience with neurodivergent students. Communities should raise awareness about neurodivergence and how people can help.

I want people to know that people who are neurodivergent are not dumb. We are just normal kids trying to fit in with the negative world. Neurotypicals are struggling just as much as we are in different areas of life. For example, while creativity comes easily to us, neurotypicals may struggle to find creativity. And it’s okay to struggle, but it’s not okay to go around hating on people because they are “different”. I wish people would also know that we do our best, but to society, it is not enough, but we put on a face so that people can consider us “normal”. We get made fun of more than neurotypical people do because we can’t always answer a question right away or in a way that is expected by society, but it’s okay to be different.

It is okay to be neurodivergent, but we need to remember to advocate for ourselves so we can see these changes happen.


My name is Nathan, and I am a 15-year-old from Ontario who loves to be outdoors, ride my bike, learn new things, read a lot of books, and work out. I also love cars. My favorite genres of books are mystery, thriller and intrigue. I am a kind person who likes to make other people laugh and cares about others.

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