Tips For Helping My Child, by Jennifer

By November 22, 2021 Parents Blogs

My son was 10 when he was diagnosed with NVLD. He was also diagnosed with ADHD, OCD and anxiety. He is a million different emotions at one time. He currently sees two therapists and he has the ADHD, OCD and anxiety under control for the most part, but the NVLD is making it very challenging for him to interact with people and understand people. He is now 13 and it is very hard seeing “friends” stop interacting with him. He has a very hard time understanding people’s body language and has a tendency to come off strong with people which makes them turn away from him. I know there has to be other parents out there who are dealing with this so I would love some pointers to help him make healthy relationships with other young adults his age and help him understand people’s responses to him and how he plays a role in a successful friendship. I am at a huge loss and just want him to be happy.


I am a mother of two- one boy and one girl.  I am really just trying to find some support with parents who are dealing with similar issues with their kids.

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