3 Tips To Help Adults With NVLD Land The Job Of Their Dreams, by Sally

By March 28, 2018 November 12th, 2019 Parents Blogs

While there are no specific studies for those with NVLD, many studies state that 75 to 85 percent of young adults on the autism spectrum are unemployed. Young adults with Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) face a number of unique challenges in the workforce which can ultimately discourage applying and interviewing for a job. For example, it can be hard to understand nonverbal social cues from an interviewer. However, there are strategies that can help ease this transition and help your loved one land the job of their dreams. Check out these tips to prepare young adults with NVLD for applying, interviewing, and ultimately reaching all the professional success that they deserve.

Focus on his or her strengths

The decision to disclose NVLD on a resume is personal and entirely up to the applicant. Sometimes people can feel better by not disclosing, but it can also be beneficial for an employer to understand how and where the applicant can succeed in their organization. However, if your loved one decides to disclose their NVLD, it’s important to do it the right way. You should offer help building the resume and encourage the applicant to focus on the strengths of NVLD rather than the deficits. Any employer can look up the clinical diagnosis and learn about the deficits, but they will not see the positive aspects of NVLD. For example, you can emphasize having a strong auditory memory, a vast vocabulary, attention to detail, and great recall skills.

Practice makes perfect

As you soon as you find out that your loved one has landed an interview, it’s time to start preparing for it. You should set up mock interviews where your loved one dresses for the interview and acts just as they would during the session. Come up with sample interview questions and think ahead about some nonverbal cues common during interviews. For example, emphasize regular eye contact and good posture. You can also discuss positive gestures such as taking notes and nodding.

Outline all the aspects of the job

It’s important that you and your loved one sit down and talk about all aspects of the job. You can talk through the responsibilities and duties but be sure to talk about the nonverbal cues they may come across during an average workday. This can help prepare them for any curveballs the interviewer throws during the interview and will also help them fully understand the job. The more an applicant knows about the job, the better he or she will do during an interview.

Everyone deserves to work at a job that they truly love. By following these tips and strategies, you can help your loved one on their way to amazing successes.


Sally is a professional freelance writer with many years experience across many different areas. She made the move to freelancing from a stressful corporate job and loves the work-life balance it offers her. When not at work, Sally enjoys reading, hiking, spending time with her family and traveling as much as possible.

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