The Struggle of NVLD and the MN Education System, by Amanda

By July 28, 2017 November 12th, 2019 Parents Blogs

My daughter Lexus has Nonverbal Learning Disorder. The fight I have been facing is with our school districts and trying to make them understand what NVLD is. I have been fighting this battle since my daughter was in 1st grade and have been blown off and disrespected by many in the school system. People don’t understand how severe NVLD is to a child who goes to school and it’s time that Nonverbal Learning Disorder is a recognized learning disability.

My child has been deprived a fair chance at education because the schools don’t care enough to get the training they need in order to deal with her type of learning style. These last 4 years have taken a toll on me and I shouldn’t have to fight this hard for my child to be given a proper education. I wish I could do more to help make this a recognized learning disability so we can get the proper services in our schools and have teachers who are specifically trained in educating children with NVLD.


I am a single mom from Duluth MN with 2 daughters one who is 13 and my youngest who is 10 and has NVLD.

Educators can read more about indicators and the impact NVLD has on a student’s life here.

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