The Penny Dropped, by Polly

By December 29, 2020 NVLD Bloggers

I had the Wechsler test at uni when I was 50. I had been experiencing various difficulties on my social work course, ie getting lost (having difficulty locating my classroom), being easily overwhelmed, not being comfortable with the role play exercises etc.) and someone suggested I get tested for ADHD. My verbal score was 120 and my non-verbal (spatial/perceptual/processing speed etc) was low, a 30 point discrepancy.

The psychologist did not give a specific diagnosis, only suggested I would need more time to complete written tasks. In 2004 NVLD was almost unheard of, it’s not exactly headline news nowadays. I deferred my course because of personal difficulties, juggling too many balls etc. In retrospect I think I would have found social work too challenging: the jobs needs a lot of stamina and tenacity and with my poor organisational skills and other difficulties I would have quite possibly floundered badly.  Shortly afterwards, I started doing some research and do now believe I have a NVLD, with possible overlapping ADHD(the inattentive type) and dyspraxia. I was pathetic at things like aerobics and following sequences – motor skills are dire? I would welcome a diagnosis but wonder whether this would help me in any way? I have reached my sixties knowing that I am somewhat ‘different,’ but because I try to avoid stressful situations I can get by and even enjoy life with one or two modifications.


On the surface I appear to be a bubbly, witty, talkative person but do suffer with a measure of anxiety during social interaction which leads to exhaustion. I have a tendency to overshare, which has probably got me into trouble on occasion!