The Importance of Returning to School, by Eileen

By September 23, 2020 October 1st, 2020 NVLD Bloggers

As children are transitioning back to school many with an NVLD are questioning the benefits. Since for many distance learning was easier as they no longer have to deal with social interactions so they had less concerns. However I know through experience how important connections are and recently being back in my hometown made me realize this even more.

Photo courtesy of Eileen

My first strong connection was with a wonderful french teacher who was raising her own disabled child. Yes while I knew her personally already if i wasn’t in the building she wouldn’t have been able to become an incredible support to me. Another special one was with my former speech therapist. What made it even more special was she taught me the skills to navigate the social world and to communicate with others effectively. Being in my hometown for two weeks I was fortunate to see them and I was thinking to myself that today’s students need the opportunity to form special relationships like this.

Another reason why being at school is important is being able to  be involved with activities helps increase your social skills and self-confidence. Personally I know if sports were on hold during my teenage years I would have missed out on so much including the great friendships I made with my teammates and my xc coach who even today is the biggest supporter I ever had in my life. I continue to keep in touch with him daily and I think how lucky I am. I truly think if I was doing distance learning during my high school years I wouldn’t have the level of appropriate social and personal skills that I have today.

Having an NVLD myself I understand why you may be happy about there being remote learning. It certainly decreases Anxiety as you don’t need to be concerned about what others think of you and how to navigate the social world. The reality is by not needing to cope with your emotional and social skills deficits you limit the opportunities to overcome your disability. While it can be a hard process the day to day experiences will make a big difference in the long run.

I understand it won’t be an easy transition and during the first week of going back you may second guess yourself. This is normal as everyone gets used to your routine though by being connected with others and communicating with your teachers and other adults at school you will see the real benefits. those with an NVLD learn best by experience and the connectedness allows them to grow not only academically but more importantly personally and socially. Overall it is certainly a strange time though by being back at school part time you will begin to see the real benefits.


I love reconnecting with adults who have made a difference in my life as I know how lucky I am to have them be part of my journey!

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