The Challenge of Conversations & NVLD, by Myk

By June 25, 2021 NVLD Bloggers

Many people take simple things like conversations for granted. However, conversations are a social obstacle course for someone with Non-Verbal Learning Disability. Relationships come and fade away without proper explanation. Loneliness is a massive part of NVLD. Growing up, I always knew there was something a bit wrong with my interactions with peers. Sometimes I would say something that would result in massive laughter, all the while I did not understand why. Now that I’m older that same fate follows me, however, instead of laughter, it may cause disagreements, or just anger. While I may have come up with some strategies and peers are a bit more forgiving with misunderstanding as you get older, the miscommunication still exists. I’ve come to understand that we all have quirks in this world and it’s not fair for anyone to belittle anyone else for said quirks. If we could just take a little bit more time to be patient with each other then maybe many disagreements would dissipate. 

I’ve found that the majority of the misunderstandings that I have encountered simply come from a lack of patience or empathy. However, like I stated previously, adults are a bit more patient than children are. The advice that I have for children is not to waste time on those who don’t want to understand you. There are many people out there who do want to understand and be patient with you. If you are getting picked on and insulted by so-called friends, then they are not people who understand you or want to have the patience to try to understand you. It took me a long time to understand this.

Conversations are still difficult but less complicated when you are having those conversations with individuals that know you. Every day I’m learning more about myself and as I learn I understand that not all of my quirks are flaws, rather they are merely aspects of who I am.


Myk is a Project Social Ambassador from Florida, where he promotes events and makes movies.

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