Still learning , by Jenny

By June 15, 2023 NVLD Bloggers

I was diagnosed with NVLD and dysgraphia much later in life 39 to be exact. I had completed my masters in social work and  had full time employment already. I always struggled in clearly explaining on paper what I wanted to say. People did and still make negative judgments based on how I process information and make snide comments at times throughout  my life. sometimes even pointed out by others the differential treatment I have received.I feel better education needs to given to those in the workplaces at all levels everywhere. I continue to work in a helping field and find it amazing how much self advocacy still needs to occur.  When I have been open and shared with higher ups in the industry it is often met with criticism or contempt  or  even punitive. I hope as I continue in my career  more information will become available in my journey  that will provide insight into those that struggle with both of these conditions along with more acceptance and less judgement.


I’m a social worker. I’m married with two children and have  a few dogs. I enjoy spending time with my family and going swimming.

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