Provincial Minds and their Unfortunate Power, by Mikayla

By September 21, 2020 NVLD Bloggers

My best guy friend is one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. He’s smart, kind, caring, and extremely talented in many areas. He plays the piano better than anyone I know, he’s a passionate artist and produces his own music. He can solve a Rubix cube in under a minute, and excels in school. He often puts other people’s needs before his own, and will take the time to get to know the real you and gain your trust. He also has NVLD, which prohibits him from succeeding with fine motor skills, or even some emotional aspects such as empathy or ability to “bounce back” from stressful or upsetting situations. I’m ashamed to admit that I had no knowledge of this disorder before he mentioned it, which led me to wonder how many people actually know about it. Apparently there are lots of misdiagnosis cases, and people often don’t get tested for a learning disorder until they’re much older.
My friend has been made fun of for his disorder, and in social situations he can be awkward and unable to understand social cues. I’ve witnessed several scenarios where he’ll be talking to someone, and be unsure of what to say or do without the guidance of others. But that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with him. Everyone processes things differently, and in some ways, he is wise beyond his years, and more mature than some of the average teen population. I just wish there was more awareness raised for this, as NVLD is one of the lesser known disorders. People deserve to be more informed on this subject matter, so we can understand it.


I live in Pennsylvania, and I’m attending college. I may not have NVLD, but I want to help other people become more aware and accepting of it.

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