Neurodiversity is Not The Number 2, by Amysummer

By January 30, 2023 NVLD Bloggers

Neurodiversity is not Autism/ADHD.

Autism/ADHD are two types of neurodiversity but it isn’t the definition of neurodiversity. Just two examples of so many more just like apple is not the definition of fruit as there are many fruits. Like tomato, but you all thought it was a vegetable.

If only the world knew that, then so many people like me wouldn’t feel even more invisible. I have NVLD and I’m neurodiverse but it rarely, if ever, comes up in the posts/ memes/organizations of the world.

It’s 2023. I’m 18. I’m neurodiverse, bisexual and Jewish. I am also a victim and survivor of domestic violence. I am an only child. My Mum is also disabled.

Living life is hard for anyone right? I mean family can be good and bad. Finance and food for the table. Socialization, friendships and love. It’s hard. It feels almost impossible for those with a disability. For invisible ones its a different kind of hard, sure you’re thinking yeah Autism. That’s not what should come to your mind straight away and be the only thing that enters.

You know what’s harder than having Autism, that no one seems to understand? Having an invisible disability that is also invisible everywhere. No advertising. No media presence. One charity. One out celebrity with it. Who does nothing to raise awareness. It’s called having what is called Non-Verbal Learning Disorder. The name sucks but it refers to not being great at non-verbal social cues. Spatial awareness. We are very verbal because that’s all we have to work with. Its a type of deafness but not from the ears. From the brain. It has similar struggles to ASD and ADHD in which they look like each other but they all have a different reason. The thing is, NVLD is not in the DSM like the other two. I guess that means professionals don’t see the need cause well there is already two that mimic each other. The amount of people that actually have NVLD is probably high because people are not taught that there are more disorders and more reasons. So when so many people assume they have ASD and want to be tested.  I feel invisible even more.

Why? Because that’s the only thing that they think could be the answer. Mine never comes up. I relate to what they say but no, they “know” its Autism. Autism opens all the doors to help. You know sometimes I think would it of been better to of been misdiagnosed and been given care and respect through school and life. But no. I want that for what I have. NVLD. People like me should not have to pretend to be autistic to feel welcome in neurodiverse spaces or get neurodiverse help. Sure it’s a spectrum but so is NVLD on it’s own. They don’t realise how lucky they are that people know what it is. That there are charities everywhere. Its on the news everywhere. Its on TV with representation. There are support groups. NVLD has nothing. Makes me feel worthless a lot.

You are neurodiverse but don’t have the famous label to fit in. I call it in the eyes of someone with NVLD.

Being Autistic is part of the popular kids at neurodiverse school. They are the school.

Now add that all up having gone through domestic violence and bullying.

I am now an adult with NVLD my voice is only going to get louder and I will not be silenced.


My name is Amysummer and I am 18 in Australia. I want to be a huge advocate for people with NVLD. So future people like me don’t feel ways I have felt. I hope I can do that through my writing. I am going to study to become a screenwriter or at least something involving media and writing. I am an only child and also a victim survivor of Domestic Violence. My abuser was majorly ablest so I also want to help raise awareness for women and children who have experienced violence but also who  have the added layer of disability and or neurodiversity.

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