My Struggle With NVLD, by Sara

By May 12, 2022 NVLD Bloggers

For the longest time, I didn’t realize anything was wrong with me. I was doing good in school with straight A’s, but I had no friends, and couldn’t seem to make any. No one wanted to play with me or invite me over, and I didn’t know why. Flash forward 8 years and I’m thinking I might have autism, based on the things I had seen online and the people I talked to. It took about a year to get the diagnosis of NVLD, and I didn’t understand it. I still don’t a year later.

It seems to be getting worse, all my symptoms and issues. I can barely do basic addition anymore, whereas I used to be able to do single digit multiplication. My memory and social skills are still falling short. I’ve tried to make friends as an adult, but it never seems to work. Its difficult to understand why I can’t make friends, or why people think I’m weird, or give me strange looks when I can’t count my change. People are mean to me, they take advantage of my kindness and my shyness and they walk all over me. But I can’t stop it, I am only a small woman with several other disabilities, and no outlet or even source for reliable information. I’m glad I’ve found this blog as I hope it will help me understand my disability more and maybe provide insight on how I can change and grow to work with my disability instead of against it.


I’m an avid animal lover, especially cats, and I have a knack for art. Drawing, painting, sculpting. I’m not bad at it. And I have several disorders and disabilities but the only one that matters right now is NVLD.