My Life With NVLD, by Julia

By April 21, 2023 NVLD Bloggers

Hi my name is Julia I was recently diagnosed with NVLD while staying in a psychiatric hospital. I’ve always felt different. I have had a hard time relating to people and have  always been closer and and more comfortable being around animals especially my horse Belle who has been my saving anchor since I was thirteen years old. My childhood was marked with difficulties at school academically and being really shy and having a hard time making friends.

Belle really saved me she was always there to cry into her mane and look into her gentle eyes I knew everything would be okay. I lived for those moments where I brushed her and the world felt still and I was finally at peace in this busy chaotic world.  Fast forward to my adult life I preserved and went to college where I decided to study early childhood education. From there I worked at many different daycare centers. I really enjoyed the children particularly being with them in nature. I somehow felt more comfortable with little kids than I did with adults. I felt like I belonged. I really enjoyed the kids but I struggled with the stress of keeping a job and I was fired from a few daycares for being too soft spoken and forgetting tasks and duties. My parents have always supported and loved me I was so lucky to have my family.  Especially my mum who was my guardian Angel and always rooting me on trying to support me in any way she could. I continued to work and than fall apart my mental health seemed to be getting worse I had a number of suicidal attempts and trips to the hospital. Most recently I just came out of the hospital and am doing much better. I feel relieved to finally know some of the reasons why I’ve been struggling and feel a little different. I am spending my days now out at my barn helping at the stable and being with my horse Belle who has always been my earth Angel. Its nice hearing everyone’s story hear and I wish you all the best of luck the world sure isn’t an easy place  but it’s also beautiful and full of wonder especially for those who take the time to notice.


My names Julia. 29 years old single woman.

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