My First Car Accident and Getting Back on the Road Again, by Caitlin

By September 23, 2023 NVLD Bloggers

Hi everyone,

In this post, I will be talking about driving and my first car accident, which I got into two months ago.

In June, I was driving up to the city where I was attending graduate school because I had a job up there for three weeks. I had been driving back and forth each week to stay with a friend for the days I had to be up there. As I was getting on the highway to head up to my school, a van came up and was not going to let me on the road, so I sped up to get past him and then tried to get into another lane. As I was getting into the other lane, there was a car in my blindspot and I ended up hitting their right rear passenger fender.

I was so shaken up. I had never been in a car accident before, let alone caused one. Driving has always been overwhelming for me. Due to my Nonverbal Learning Disability and anxiety, it took me until I was 22 to get my driver’s license. So getting into a car accident was not fun for me, nor is it for anyone. Since then, I have not been driving much. I only drove when I had to.

This past weekend, I had made plans with my friend who had just gotten engaged and we wanted to celebrate. She had to get her car serviced in town and she had asked me to pick her up from the car dealership where that was happening. I said I would but I was super nervous about driving to the other side of town on the local highway.

As it turns out, I did okay. I made it to pick my friend up and did not have to deal with much traffic. And I also made it home with no problems too!

Driving can be very scary sometimes, so if you are someone who is new to driving or has not driven in a while, especially if you have anxiety about it, it’s okay to be nervous but you just need to practice and put yourself back on the road again!


I am an NVLD Project Social Ambassador. I am in graduate school at the University of Northern Colorado.

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