Moving Out, by Oscar

By April 19, 2022 NVLD Bloggers

Moving out when having NVLD has its challenges. Especially money and that comes into play when it comes to things like paying rent, groceries, etc. When I moved out in October 2020, I had to grasp the understanding of the fact that pay is so important. If I didn’t have the right amount of income, I wasn’t going to be able to move out, so with my mum and brother we sat down and they explained to me and laid everything out in terms of the pay and more. It’s a scary thing because what’s happening is – is you’re on your own in a way…. Yes I have my older brother there but you’re essentially grown up and you have to learn to live without your mum. I had to learn to cook, take readings, find my way to work, all things that can be a lot to take in. For cooking, I use an app called Tasty from a work colleague, and that works perfectly because the steps are broken down through video and I still use it to this day. Now we’re in March 2022 and I think I’ve done pretty well and am very happy overall.


Hello, my name is Oscar and I have NVLD – Non-Verbal Learning Disability, I was diagnosed with it at the age of 9. The first sign that I had a learning difficulty was when I was in school and I didn’t know my 2x table, that was a sign for my mum that I should see someone. We saw multiple specialists and none of them got it correct….. until we met Doctor Johnathan Williams,  a child psychiatrist. He was the one that officially diagnosed me with NVLD.