Misunderstood, by Jen

By July 26, 2020 Parents Blogs

A few years ago I submitted a blog to this site. It was shortly after, my son, then 12, was suspected to be diagnosed with NVLD as well as Tourette’s.  At the time I was hopeful that NVLD would soon gain its rightful place in the DSM journal and we would soon be on a path to accessing “proper supports.”

Well, 3 years later my son, now 15,  is making some great academic progress but still has many of the same social-emotional and functional struggles. There is still time for him to grow and mature and overcome some of his present obstacles, but for heaven’s sake, this would be a lot easier to approach if NVLD had it’s rightful place in the DSM journal so that young people could in turn actually connect to proper treatment and support services that they are currently being denied while we are waiting. As a parent and fierce advocate for my son, I am frankly quite tired of him being misunderstood.


A mother and an educator.

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