Project Social Ambassador


Location: Illinois

Age: 35

College: University of Oregon (undergraduate), University of Illinois at Chicago (graduate)

Profession: Director at a Major Nonprofit

Biography: I am a Chicago native, born and raised in the historic neighborhood of Morgan Park. I was diagnosed with NVLD as a small child at University of Chicago when it became abundantly clear that I was VERY good at reading, but absolutely TERRIBLE at math (plus no social skills and I’m uncoordinated as heck). I left Chicago to attend University of Oregon when I was 18, where I worked in an archaeology lab, drove way too many vans for programs, and built way too many Burning Man projects–all of which somehow culminated into my career in informal learning environments. After living and working in different parts of the world and the USA (from Denmark to Oregon to Texas to the Bay Area!), I’m right back in Chicago, where my husband and I moved to so I could complete my doctorate in education. Currently, I’m a nonprofit director, as well as a writer on the side.

Who is your favorite TV show character and why? Captain Flint from ‘Black Sails’– I identify with his energy and drive, plus I have a soft spot for redheads (my husband is one!).