Update on my Journey to Florida, by Ryan

By April 28, 2022 NVLD Bloggers

I have been living in Florida since the end of July. In that time, I feel I have done a lot. There is always something going on. The things I have done are see the area, join two kickball leagues, join some Jewish groups, and made some great connections with work. Lastly, I had gained some private clients for my business. Although my parents have been here now since Thanksgiving and sometimes it gets to be a distraction to me. I try to give them space. I know I will miss them when they go back to Pennsylvania. That is why I am trying to learn as much as I can from them. My dad is helping me out with learning new recipes and meal prepping. My mom is helping not rush with emails and being more organized. I am grateful to have two amazing parents.


If anybody has any questions about my journey feel free to email me at rhlundy85@gmail.com.

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