My Interesting Case of NVLD, by Daniel

By November 17, 2022 NVLD Bloggers

My name is Daniel and I am a 22-year-old living with NVLD. This diagnosis is under the ASD umbrella.

NVLD has been a constant in my life and was detected when I was 10 years old and in 5th grade. My case of NVLD is quite interesting, I am above average with my conversation skills though my not understanding of non-verbal social cues is a challenge for me it is something I’m working to overcome. An interesting fact is that my reading skill is above average for people my age.

When it comes down to arithmetic problems and time management is when things start to become intriguing as I do not understand even the most basic mathematical equations or problems involving time. This causes great confusion for my family as they do not understand what it means to “not understand math or time.”

If you were to look up “NVLD and not understanding of time” on the internet you will get results, but none of them will mention time as an issue with people in the NVLD community.

A good way of looking at my case of NVLD is to think of a see-saw. The side of the see-saw that is my ability to converse and interact with people, as well as reading, is up, while my ability to understand math and time is running into the ground and not able to come up.


I am a 22-year-old who enjoys: history, music/podcasts, hanging out, and talking with friends. I have a happy-go-lucky and mellow disposition and am always happy to talk or try to help people in any way I can. I enjoy taking long walks outside and can walk for hours. I’m into history and alternative history and can talk to people about anything for hours. I am a person who loves to make others laugh so I try to do anything in my power to make people happy and laugh to make their day a tiny bit better. I’m also really caring and I feel bad if I can’t help a person with something I try my hardest to figure out exactly what I can do as hard as that is. I’m inquisitive and always ask thought-provoking questions even if they are odd I’m always looking at the world and questioning everything that is happing in it. I love to read and can do so for hours and I’m always finding out new information which I love as learning is what drives me to think about things differently.

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