Finding Your Interests, by Eileen

By August 1, 2018 November 4th, 2019 NVLD Bloggers

Growing up with NVLD can make it extremely difficult to find your interest, as so many things are such a struggle. What many people forget is you can also find your interest in a non-traditional way such as being a fan rather being a participant. Sports are a great example of that. I know when I started sports it was clear it was going to be such a struggle. However, I loved being part of sports teams as I was able to become a fan and enjoy the daily social interactions. This led me to attend and watch multiple professional and college games over the years. It was a big reason why I was able to stay a three-season runner, as I knew how special it was to be part of a team. I was also able to understand my role was to be the strong supporter rather being the one who brings the points.

Another interest for me is theatre, which surprises many people due to the amount of extra sound in each show, which tends to bother those with NVLD. In addition, having a part in productions was a real challenge for me due to the difficulty of memorizing lines and the fine motor skills required. Despite all of this, my parents made the decision to bring me to my sister’s shows with the hope that I would be able to see you can still enjoy theater without being part of it. Right away, I was able to observe everyone is accepted and after a few other shows, I developed a strong interest in it. Like sports, I have been to multiple Broadway shows and it’s a huge passion for me.

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In addition, traveling is a tremendous interest of mine, which seems odd to individuals with NVLD because large crowds and change tends to bother us. However, my family knew right away how to support me. I have been to several states and European Counties and each place I have been too I have so loved. However, it is no secret I need to have a plan when I travel. During each trip, I have to take “down times” after a few hours as I will become overwhelmed. Yes that involves extra planning and time for those traveling with me however we are so happy I can still take part of it

When raising a child with NVLD it’s important to remember finding their interest will take a few extra steps due to many situations being a struggle. The most important thing you can do is to give the required positive encouragement that is needed in a sincere and kind way to your child. In addition, it’s important to identify your child’s interests and encourage them to try it, as you don’t want your child to feel different. Finding your child’s interest may take some time however, in the end I believe your child will have such a great sense of belonging which is extremely important in life.


I am a true believer that having great support is extremely important for success.

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