Depression, by Oscar

By October 28, 2022 NVLD Bloggers

After months off from blogging, I am back.

Now, the reason I’ve been ties into the title of this blog which is depression.  Since the start of 2018, my mental health has gone up and down but not as much as this year, for those who do not have NVLD – depression can be quite common for people with NVLD and I have my moments of feeling great like I’m the king of the world and then one day I can just feel like I’ve hit a brick wall and be down. In fact, that happened in August of this year.  I  was feeling great,  I had a great summer and then one evening it just hit me like a load of bricks and there was no trigger, it just happened. It can be frustrating for me because it feels like I can’t keep myself together mentally, but I’ve learned that it’s okay to have bad days, but sometimes those bad days can lead me to being a bit bitter which I’ll discuss in the next blog.


My name is Oscar and I have NVLD. I was diagnosed at the age of 9. My experience with NVLD started at a young age, when I was in primary school. In my spare time I do filming and video editing.