Creating Your Own Opportunities, by Myk

By December 2, 2019 NVLD Bloggers

Think of your brain as a form of radio that aids in carrying a signal. If that radio isn’t working properly then you won’t be getting proper reception. The signal is still there but it’s just a bit fuzzy. This is an analogy for having NVLD, it doesn’t change who you are but it does change the way you process and relate to others. It has been extremely difficult throughout my life to properly convey myself.

Since a young age, I have been faced with numerous doors slamming shut right in my face.

When I was younger I was painted as the weird kid and it did not help that I was always moving around so being new and quirky were already two strikes against
me. I had a dream to make films and this is how I ended up going to film school later in life.

Once at film school I wasn’t taken seriously until one of my scripts got turned into a short film. Even though it was made into a film, my peers didn’t respect my vision and wanted to make the film their own way. The rejection was frustrating and disappointing two feelings that would follow me well after film school.

After film school I met up with a small group of peers who wanted to make indie films. Even with this group, I was still not taken seriously. I was pegged as the awkward weird guy who was thrown into acting in their comedic shorts. Eventually I got their respect by showing them a script. However the film group disbanded shortly after.

After the group ended, I decided to send my script off to other companies in various locations. While I got various forms of luck or interest the talks essentially went nowhere. I had a film degree and a finished script but I feel like I haven’t gotten anywhere. This is when I decided to put matters into my own hands.

I started to make my own films and shortly after realizing how difficult distributing or selling them was getting, I decided to create event nights with local bands. I had a showcase of local artists and I gave away copies of my art. Despite all of the rejection I was finally starting to make money on my art. Shortly after I had my first feature film screened followed by my second screened in a local movie theater. These bouts of success felt like a form of redemption.

While I never received any form of worldwide success, I was able to relate my story of a lifetime of struggle through my art. And honestly, I believe that success is any time you can create something that can connect with an audience of any shape or form. And maybe I can inspire others to create their own opportunities as well.


Myk is a Project Social Ambassador from Florida, where he promotes events and makes movies.

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