Ability To Handle And Understand Adults With NLVD, by Francheska

By September 22, 2023 NVLD Bloggers

I have a 30-year-old who is in denial. He was initially diagnosed with ADD as a child, and then with NVLD in 2019. He took occupational therapy when he was a child. He is an extremely smart guy and holds a master’s in Finance, but he fails at every job he gets hired leading him to be laid off due to mistakes, time management, etc.  He is slow, has a visual-spatial deficit, and has a high level of anxiety which he demonstrates when driving. His speeding behind the wheel and his zig-zag driving pattern are a big concern for me as a parent.

He is taking Neurofeedback therapy once a week, but he refuses to get a device for home treatment. His delayed processing is getting worse day after day. He does not follow directions nor does he take advice from anyone, nor even his therapist.  I am not sure if at this point he will need to get anxiety medication, or if his behavior is typical of people with NVLD.
I live in Florida, and here is. Very difficult to get a doctor who specializes in an effective treatment for NVLD.

Any recommendations are highly appreciated


Concerned Mother of a 30-year-old with NVLD who acts and behaves like a teenager.

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