Project Social Ambassador

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Location: Minnesota

Age: 24

College: IPR (Institute of Production & Recording for Creative Arts)

Profession: Music Marketing & Public Relations Director, Event Coordinator, Content Curator, Graphic Designer, Photographer & Journalist

Biography: As the owner of Turntable Talks, a music Marketing Agency & Public Relations Network, servicing industry professionals and music fans will forever remain my top priority. Dancing around with NVLD’s negative and positive symptoms over the previous 10 years, I harness my skillsets and work to improve my languors every day. I’d consider coping with a disorder sub-primarily characterized by verbal strengths yet, difficulties with social skills; working in the music industry for the least seven years to be the creative process of a lifetime. As an employee with First Avenue & 7th St. Entry, Fine Line Music Cafe & the Palace Theater, I’ve discovered a rhythm in which I may successfully maneuver my work ethic.

Who is your favorite TV show character and why? Carrie Mathison from Homeland, for sure! Her role as a CIA officer living with bipolar, a disease she keeps hidden from her employer so that she may continue her employment, creates a most intriguing plot twist. One in which accurately documents what it’s like to deal with such agonizing, adverse side effects suffered from medication and I have had experience with myself. To witness a lead female character battle her diagnosis only to work her way up to a role as an Advisor of the President of the United States while fighting domestic and international terrorism with such resilience and determination is truly admirable… even if that mean going covert.