The Lemle Clinic at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology

We are excited to announce that the Lemle Clinic at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology for individuals with Non-Verbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) is now accepting patients. It is the first clinic of its kind, specializing in providing services to individuals with NVLD. The clinic offers a variety of assessment and treatment options for individuals and their families, for whom quality care options are limited. Assessment and treatment are enhanced by training our graduate student clinicians in an NVLD-focused course, in which they are taught and supervised by experts in the field. Our main goal is to make the clinic a center for promoting awareness about NVLD and bringing compassionate and innovative care to those in need. We have both remote and in-person options. To receive therapy or assessment services remotely, you must be a resident of New York State. If you are from out-of-state, you would have to come to our campus in the Morris Park section of the Bronx. If you are interested in either assessment or therapy services, please email