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What is NVLD?

Non-Verbal Learning Disability is a complicated and poorly understood social and spatial learning disability. People with NVLD struggle with a range of conditions but specifically have difficulty with social skills and spatial concepts.

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How is The NVLD Project making a difference?


The NVLD Project is conducting evidenced-based research with several renowned institutions and experts, including epidemiologic, neuroimaging and MRI studies. Our research initiatives also include a distinct effort to secure inclusion of Non-Verbal Learning Disability into the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).


The NVLD Project is working to educate parents, educators, professionals and the public about Non-Verbal Learning Disability. Through awareness campaigns and educational workshops at various schools in New York, we have helped those working with children with NVLD better understand the disorder. Our education efforts also include an upcoming educational toolkit.


The NVLD Project is committed to helping those with NVLD in order to bring about positive change in their lives and greater acceptance by society. We do this through several initiatives, including awareness campaigns, ongoing communications efforts, special events, social media, our ambassador program and more.


My NVLD Story (Count Me In)

What Is It Like to Have a Learning Disability?

What is NVLD?

What is NVLD?

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