Project Social Ambassador


Location: California

Age: 27

College: University of California at Berkeley

Profession: Admin, tech and social media support

Biography: I am a NVLDer and have a chronic migraine condition. I have a podcast, “Living With An Invisible Learning Challenge,” about how I and other nuerodivergents have triumphed in life despite all the challenges that living in a world built for neurotypicals present for neurodivergents. I have never given up trying to do anything and everything in life that I want to because of being neurodiverse and having migraines. I went to UC Berkeley and graduated in four years with both NLD and chronic migraines. I also juggle a full time job with my podcasts and side tutoring for tech business. But I don’t do any of this alone, my family and friends are very supportive.

Who has influenced you the most in life and why? My mother because she never gives up no matter how challenging it gets to be a leader of her own business.

What is your favorite TV show character and why? NCIS and Bull because I’m fascinated by fake crime.

What is your most treasured possession? My family and friends because they offer so much support to me.