Unprepared, by Katrina

By November 30, 2018 November 12th, 2019 NVLD Bloggers

I wasn’t diagnosed with NVLD until the last semester of my senior year of highschool. I’d been seeing a counselor for years but she had retired and I had started seeing a new one who immediately asked if I knew about NVLD, I didn’t. I’d always struggled with my handwriting, coordination, and interacting with others but just thought it was because I was just odd but as I learned about NVLD I realized that the descriptions I was hearing sounded familiar.

After some testing they concluded that yes I had NVLD. Unfortunately this is the same time I was finishing highschool and entering college, an environment without teachers who were already used to how I function and I was completely unprepared on how to handle it. I’m still struggling with college but I’m managing, soon I’ll be in an even larger school and I’m terrified. I wish I’d had more time and more support in learning how to work around my roadblocks but I’m here now.


I’m a 21 year old zoology major diagnosed with NVLD late in highschool and totally unprepared for life after highschool but I’m managing.

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