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Location: London, England

Age: 24

Profession: Learning Support Assistant (LSA)

Biography: My name is Oscar and I have NVLD. I was diagnosed at the age of 9. My experience with NVLD started at a young age, when I was in primary school. My teachers noticed I was struggling in school and didn’t know my 2x table. From that time on I had a TA with me at school and college. In addition I had trouble getting around the London Underground tube map, so when my mum worked in Central London she would send me pictures of where to go, so I could follow. One time she sent me a picture and in one the pictures there was a homeless man in the photo…. So when I was following the pictures there was no homeless person actually there, so that confused me.

Who is your favorite TV show character and why? Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory, especially in the earlier seasons where he just liked living in his own little bubble and was socially awkward, Jim Parsons played that character very well.

What is your most treasured possession? My external hard drive, It has all family footage I’ve recorded.