Project Social Ambassador


Location: South Jersey

College: Nova Southeastern University (graduate degree)

Age: 57

Profession: NVLD Coach and Learning Specialist

Biography: I use my personal experience with NVLD to make a difference professionally as an NVLD practitioner. Because I couldn’t find a way, I was determined to “make a way” for the benefit of myself and others. Like a pioneer, I had to become the explorer seeking interventions to help myself first and then my clients as no one could help me as my symptoms could not be identified as NVLD due to it not being in the DSM as a diagnosis. My journey seems to be to help others experience less suffering than I did from my personal and professional experiences as a former special education teacher and Board Certified Cognitive Specialist. I specialize helping those with NVLD and co-occurring conditions (ADHD, autism) of all ages in executive functioning development, parent training, social-emotional learning, academics, life skills, and and to the challenges they face at school, home, and work. I also serve in the capacity as a guide for my clients using a mulitmodal approach as a case manager working in collaboration with other professionals to better meet their needs. This includes education and training professionals about NVLD and how to help them.

Who has influenced you the most in life and why? My father was my biggest supporter even though he had no knowledge of NVLD as at the time virtually nothing was known about NVLD. He recognized me for my abilities not my disabilities by teaching me many life lessons, how to communicate with others and cope in a world designed for neurotypicals. He was able to help me when most professionals couldn’t and as a result he inspired me to help others professionally. I have dedicated my life to helping those with NVLD as it’s truly is rewarding to help others not just to survive but to thrive with NVLD!

What is your most treasured possession? My award from South Jersey Magazine for being one of South Jersey’s “Top Super Women’ for my work helping parents and adults with learning disabilities and co-occurring conditions.