Project Social Ambassador


Location: New England

Age: 26

College: University of New Hampshire (undergraduate degree), New York University (master’s degree)

Profession: Social Worker

Biography: Hi! I’m Gabriela and I am a social work professional, working and living with NVLD. I am passionate about social justice, community connection and the human experience. My journey with NVLD was once focused solely on my challenges and failures, but has now transformed into a lifelong experience of healing and self-acceptance. I hope that there will be more awareness of NVLD in the future, and that the diversity within the NVLD community is more celebrated so young people and adults from all walks of life feel represented, valued and supported.

What is your favorite TV show? It is difficult in this day and age to choose just one favorite character! My favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy (by the amazingly talented Shonda Rhimes) and one of the things I love most about the show is that each episode connects to a “life lesson” or theme of the human experience. It inspires me to think and reflect! My favorite character has to be Dr. Miranda Bailey.