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Location: North Carolina

Age: 21

College: East Carolina University

Profession: Senior

Biography: My name is Emma and I am currently a Junior at East Carolina University. My major is Family and Community Services with a concentration in Family Science. My goal is to become a clinical counselor in the future. When I am not in school or studying I love watching Grey’s Anatomy, spending time with friends, hang out with my cat Frankie, singing, and being in musicals. My journey with NVLD started when I was diagnosed in the third grade. At the time I had absolutely no idea what all this was or what it meant. Throughout school I definitely had my fair share of struggles but thanks to my wonderful support system, I got through it. I feel as if NVLD is often miss-understood so I am so excited to become an ambassador and bring awareness to NVLD.

What is your favorite TV show character and why? I love Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy because of how strong of a person she is. She has gone through so much yet she continues to help people and live out her passion.